Financial Services

Today’s economic and political environment demands that federal agencies effectively manage a complex network of financial interactions. Financial operations are key to mission success, whether it is helping millions of veterans receive prompt payments, managing program budgets, or delivering cost & pricing support for multi-billion-dollar acquisition programs. BVTI provides expert personnel and experience-based financial management tools to streamline day-to-day operations and ensure a solid alignment to your strategic vision. 

Our financial data science team has developed over 100 custom analytic tools for Federal financial programs. These include Machine Learning Algorithms to correctly predict duplicate payments, lower false positives, and detect Fraud Waste and Abuse; Rare Event Prediction to identify high risk invoicing and receiving patterns; Social Network Analytics to flag potential fraud risk; and Early/Late Payment Calculation Tools to reduce lost discounts and unnecessary interest. Examining over 2M invoices and $15B of annual disbursements, our analytics helped one customer recover over $13M in improper payments in a single year.

Our Financial Services include:

Program Budgeting

  • Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) Support
  • Requirements Development
  • Financial Reporting for The President’s Management Agenda
  • Manpower, Program and Resources Management Analysis & Controls

Financial Data Analytics

  • Invoice and Payment Monitoring 
  • Fraud Prediction
  • Duplicate Payment Prediction
  • Benefits Eligibility Verification
  • Financial Monitoring Dashboards & Reports 

Cost & Pricing Center

  • Acquisition Financial Policy
  • IGCE / Cost Estimation
  • Cost/Price Evaluation
  • Cost Accounting Standards
  • DCAA Audit Support
  • Negotiation Support
  • Post-Award Contract Administration
  • Financial Contract Closeout

Invoicing & Payments

  • Invoice & Payment Validation
  • Payment Recovery Support
  • Improper Payments Elimination And Recovery Act (IPERA) Support
  • Travel Administration & Expenses
  • Claims Processing

Auditing & Internal Controls

  • Internal Controls over Financial Systems & Reporting
  • FMFIA / OMB A-123 Support
  • Fraud, Waste & Abuse
  • Improper Payments Detection (Payroll, Commercial Pay, Purchase Card, Claims)
  • Assurance Services