Assurance Services

Enhance program integrity and performance

Maintaining program integrity in an increasingly complex operational, legal and political environment is a challenge for federal executives. Auditing and assurance are critical to evaluate financial and performance reports as well as the underlying processes that support their creation. Federal agencies face tremendous internal and external scrutiny, but often have limited capabilities to provide internal oversight and validate critical enterprise programs. BVTI offers experienced multidisciplinary staff and efficient processes in audit, data science, and management analysis. We apply regulatory standards, industry best practices, and applied data analytics to assure stakeholders that their programs provide accurate, compliant and efficient results.

Our Audit & Assurance Services include:

Improving Efficiency for our Veterans
BVTI’s audit & assurance services flagged and recovered tens of millions in annual improper payments for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Our rigorous approach not only improved program quality and performance outcomes, but allowed VA to cancel multiple scheduled external GAO and Inspector General audits.

Quality Assurance

  • Independent Quality Surveillance & Monitoring
  • Statistical Process Controls
  • Process Improvement
  • Continuous Monitoring & Quality Feedback

Performance Monitoring

  • Performance Measurement
  • Program Evaluation
  • Vendor SLA Monitoring
  • Data Aggregation & Analysis
  • Performance Dashboards / Scorecards

Audit & Financial Services

  • Performance, Compliance and Financial Audits
  • Internal Audit
  • Grant Audits
  • Information Security Auditing
  • Fraud Waste & Abuse
  • Improper Payments / IPERA
  • Predictive Fraud Detection Analytics

Audit Readiness

  • Risk and Compliance Consulting
  • Internal Audit Assurance and Consulting
  • Single Audits of Federal Grants (OMB Circular & 2 C.F.R. 200)

Automated Monitoring

  • Automated Error / Outlier Detection
  • Automated Data Reconciliation / Validation
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • RPA Validation
  • Scalable Analytics & Data Science Platform
  • Interactive Dashboards & Reporting