Background Check Policy


One of the requirements for a position with Best Value Technology, Inc. (BVTI) is to successfully pass one or more background investigations to confirm your eligibility for employment. Issues uncovered as a result of these checks can, in some cases, disqualify a candidate from employment, so it is important to understand what information will be considered.

There are currently two broad categories of background checks initiated; A standard, pre-hire BVTI employee background check, which applies to all employees, and a series of government background checks, which will vary from position to position.

Standard Employee Background Check:

All applicants for employment are required to successfully pass a general BVTI employee background check to verify their eligibility for the position in question. Conducted by a third party service, this background check will examine criminal records, credit information, areas of residence, and may confirm information provided as part of the application, such as places of employment and education. Applicants may be required to provide additional information as part of this process, such as social security numbers, or contact information for a past employer/place of education. All employees must assent to this process in order to be considered for employment.

Government Background Checks:

Positions requiring access to sensitive government information may also require candidates to pass a more thorough government-conducted background check process in order to be hired and/or obtain a required clearance. This process will be more involved than the company check, involving more detailed interviews, reference checks, and in some cases, a polygraph examination. The investigation will typically cover the past 10 years or from your 18th birthday. Before being considered, applicants must affirm that, to the best of their knowledge, they are in fact eligible to obtain a clearance.

As part of the government investigation process, you will be required to make detailed disclosures of a personal nature to a government investigator based on information you provide on the security forms. These disclosures are voluntary on your part and the information you provide will be used only for the purpose stated. Failure to provide the required information, falsification of any information provided or failure to be granted suitability or eligibility will result in termination of your employment with BVTI.  Also, on certain DHS contracts, failure to be granted a favorable suitability determination by the government will result in you not being eligible for any position within the Department of Homeland Security for a three-year period. 

Areas Examined in Government Checks: 

The scope of the background investigation may include, but not be limited to, the following areas:

a)     National Security related areas, such as improper handling of classified material, close contacts with foreign nationals or foreign government representatives, or involvement with terrorist groups.

b)     Any past or present activities which could compromise your loyalty to the United States, i.e. membership or activity in organizations which advocate the alternation of the U.S. form of government by force, violence of other unconstitutional means or prevent others from exercising their constitutional rights.

c)     A record of arrests or convictions in any civilian or military law violations.

d)     Financial responsibility and credit issues such as bankruptcies, liens, wage garnishment, etc.

e)     Sexual conduct that reflects a lack of judgment or offers the potential for blackmail.

f)      Medical treatment for psychological or emotional/nervous disorders.

g)     Your U.S. citizenship and that of close relatives and associates. (Spouses, parents, guardians, brother/sisters, children, In-laws and any other person to whom you are bound by affection or obligation, such as cohabitant or person with whom you have lived with for the past five-years.

h)     Use or sale of illegal drugs and/or abuse of alcohol or drugs, except as prescribed by a physician.

i)      Prior security violations.

j)      Discharge from the military under other than honorable conditions.

k)     Interviews with neighbors and knowledgeable acquaintances.

l)      Verification of education and employment.

Consultation with Company Security Officer:

Should you have any questions or concerns about the background check process, or your eligibility to obtain a clearance, BVTI’s security team is available to provide additional information. Any information discussed with the Best Value Technology Inc. Facility Security Officer (FSO), Assistant Facility Security Officer (A-FSO) or Personnel Security Specialist during such a conversation will be treated as strictly CONFIDENTIAL in nature. Should you choose to complete the security process, the information you provide on the forms will be made available only to Best Value Technology security personnel for the purpose of processing your paperwork, and those government personnel who investigate and who adjudicate your case to determine your eligibility for access to sensitive government information. Hiring managers and other management or executive staff are not privy to the information.

To get in contact with a member of the BVTI security team, send an email to with your name, phone number, the name of the position(s) you are seeking consideration for, and let them know that you have questions regarding your eligibility for a successful background check and/or clearance. A member of the team will then follow up with you shortly to discuss any questions you may have.

Voluntary Self-Removal:

If you have any personal conflicts with any of the areas described above you may confidentially discuss them with a member of the BVTI security team, and based on the outcome of that conversation, you may decline to be processed for access to sensitive government information.