Giving Back To Veterans: How BVTI Creates Opportunities for Military Vets

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As a Service-Disabled Veteran owned company founded after 9/11, Best Value Technology, Inc. strives to support fellow military veterans in every aspect of business.

After serving in the military, it's not always easy for veterans to integrate back into normal life. BVTI helps veterans transition from working in the military into the civilian workforce by hiring individuals with an armed forces background.


The partnership between Best Value Technology, Inc. and military vets is a win on both sides. Veterans are the ideal candidates for BVTI.



“If we can hire a veteran that can do the job, that's great because we know what we are getting,” says BVTI President and founder, Dan Zimmerman. “When you hire a veteran, you know that once they were put into a unit, they put aside their individual preferences and decided to work together as a team to get the mission accomplished.”


President Dan Zimmerman's personal experience has helped shape BVTI. With a long line of military veterans in his family, Zimmerman followed suit and enlisted into the Army early in his career. From his background as an infantryman, he fostered a strong dedication to serving and protecting his country.


BVTI's charity work is focused on giving back to military veterans. Each year the company sponsors a golf tournament benefiting the Wounded Warriors and SGMA. The tournament raises funds and provides exposure for the organizations. BVTI invites the Wounded Warriors to participate in the tournament in an effort to learn more about them on a personal level.


“Each year we put on a Wounded Warrior tournament,” says Zimmerman. “We really love the spirit that the Wounded Warriors embodies. We thought about how we could help them out – We also like to golf so we thought, ‘Hey, we can combine golf with helping Wounded Warriors.' So we decided to start a tournament that raised money to help the Wounded Warriors. In addition to just sending them money, we invite Wounded Warriors to play with us each year. They send out usually a four-some and it's just an inspirational day. We have a lot of sponsors, subs, and partners on different contracts with us that come out and support this. We also have a company that comes out and they do prosthetics. They bring their prosthetics so everyone can see, touch, and feel them and see the kind of thing that the warriors would be wearing and working with.”


Best Value Technology, Inc. was founded as a Service-Disabled veteran owned company. As BVTI continues to expand as one of the fastest growing private companies in America, its mission of supporting veterans will also grow and develop.

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