Software Engineering

BVTI has provided innovative software engineering services for two decades. Our award-winning systems have been deployed to help modernize various acquisition functions at every agency in the US Intelligence Community and all DHS components. Our teams designed and maintain multiple major public-facing government communication platforms such as the Acquisition Resource Center, and DHS Acquisition Planning Forecast System (APFS). We also developed many internal workflow automation and information management tools to help these agencies and programs at VA and FAA enhance business intelligence and transform operations into modern, efficient workflows.

BVTI designed, built, and manages the Acquisition Resource Center (ARC) for the US Intelligence Community (IC). BVTI automated multiple elements of the acquisition processes, moving classified acquisitions from paper to electronic format, transformed market research and industry management processes, and provided key innovations and process improvements to improve classified procurements for the IC.

Our Software Engineering services include:

Systems Engineering

  • Requirements Baselining
  • System Architecture Modeling & Analysis
  • Cloud and/or Local System Design
  • Application Integration

Application & Software Development

  • Custom Application Development
  • Business Process Automation
  • Live Testing Environment
  • Mobile Design and Integration
  • Detailed User Role Management

Application Project Management

  • DevOps / DevSecOps
  • Agile / Scrum Management
  • Program & Stakeholder Management
  • Change Management
  • Integrated Product Teams (IPT)
  • Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

System Integration

  • Business Process Integration
  • System Interface Design
  • Electronic Data Interface (EDI)
  • Automated Data Monitoring
  • PKI Integration
  • API Design & Implementation

 Enterprise Deployment Services

  • Implementation Planning
  • Pilot Programs
  • Verification & Validation
  • Rollout Execution Support
  • Documentation & Training

Cloud Environment

  • Jab-Certified FedRAMP Cloud Hosting
  • AWS / Azure Specialization
  • Containerization Solutions
  • Redundancy & Backups
  • Database Design & Management

Information Assurance & Security

  • Intelligence Community-Compliant Cyber Security
  • ATO & Accreditation Support
  • System Security Plans (SSP)
  • Vulnerability Scanning

Deployed Solutions:

  • 20+ Federal Enterprise Acquisition Applications & Tools, Including
    • RFP Publishing & Electronic Proposal Delivery Platform
    • Acquisition Forecast System
    • Verified Contractor Registry & Management
    • Market Research, Survey & RFI Tools
    • Acquisition Event Management (Industry Day, Oral Presentations, Debriefings, etc.)
    • Industry Collaboration Tools
    • Source Selection Tools
    • Integrated Acquisition Workflow 
    • PKI & Classified Acquisition Security
    • Performance Measurement, Reporting & Analytics
  • Business Intelligence, Performance & Quality Monitoring
    • Custom Reporting Databases
    • Interactive Analytics & Dashboards
    • Automated Performance Metric Calculation
    • Automated Monitoring & Reconciliation
  • Financial Analytics
    • Improper Payment Detection Algorithms
    • Fraud Detection
    • Statistical Estimation & Analysis
  • Business Process Automation
    • Workflow Integration & Digitization
    • Inter-Office Collaboration & Approval Tools
    • SharePoint