Secure Facilities

We design, build, and manage TS/SCI facilities with secure IT networks. We lay plans for SCIF construction, take into account risks of entry/exit, information technology, and physical external security, and construct the SCIF to industry standards, and manage it according to agency security requirements.

Our designs integrate IT, security and business processes into unified functional spaces that enhance security, comfort and productivity. Whether a new building with multi-use conference space and complex IT networks, or simply securing a single room in an existing facility, BVTI can meet your classified facility needs.

Secure Facilities:

  • Physical design and construction
  • Secure communications
  • Network design, installation & accreditation
  • Video teleconferencing
  • Data Center operations and networks
  • Security design, systems, procedures
  • Secure material handling and destruction
  • Access control, reception & personnel security

We are also a leading provider in specialized acquisition facilities, as depicted in the video.