Homeland Security


BVTI supports government program leadership, providing expertise in biological, chemical, veterinary, food, and agricultural defense. Our experts have supported overseas laboratory projects and worked with Especially Dangerous Pathogens (EDPs) like Foot and Mouth Disease and Ebola. We have relationships with high profile programs like BioWatch and BioShield, the Office of Health Affairs, and DHS Operations that allow us to coordinate realistic solutions that must consider subject areas, policy, relationships, and uniqueness of mission.

Please download our Biodefense Capabilities Brief for a profile of the expertise we can provide.

Emergency Response

BVTI personnel are experts in emergency response planning, preparation, operations, and doctrines. We provide certified experts and practitioners in emergency medicine, veterinary medicine, HAZMAT response, firefighting, and national policies and systems like the Stafford Act and National Incident Management System (NIMS).

Program Management

BVTI can provide Project Management Office (PMO) support and expert analysts for homeland security-related programs, such as emergency preparation and response, counterterrorism analysis, and cyber security. Our experts in emergency response, biodefense, HAZMAT, network security, policy support, and interagency coordination are well connected in the homeland security disciplines and are experience program and project managers. BVTI provides experienced and credentialed guidance for tough challenges.

BVTI is the only prime contractor on both FC1 Program Management and FC4 Technical Services in the DHS PACTS contract vehicle.