Acquisition Management

We provide user-friendly technology and advice to support the full range of acquisition activities. Our specialty is managing large IDIQ contracts. Past solutions have automated market research, eliminating the need for an RFI process while providing superior information, and modularized the acquisition process for various efforts working out of the same office with different needs.

Acquisition Capabilites

Acquisition Resource Center

BEST VALUE designed, built, and solely manages the Acquisition Resource Center (ARC) facility. BVTI automated the acquisition process, moving classified acquisitions from paper to electronic format, and provided other key innovations to improve classified procurements, including:

  • Creating vendor database, which has grown from hundreds to tens of thousands under BVTI’s management
  • Automating pre-market research so that RFI’s are optional, but each company has already input enough information to determine availability
  • Developing web applications for each agency that uses the ARC, to ensure individual needs are met and each procurement smoothly functions
  • Deployed CASCADE, which provides real-time evaluation collaboration by evaluators
  • Manage and maintain 80+ workstations and various networks required for procurement activities
  • Provide acquisitions expertise as needed to support the procurement process

Application of High Quality Processes: On this project, BVTI developed multiple innovations related to building SCIFs to drastically reduce cost of construction and improve overall security of the facility. The project was nominated for the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) award.

Cost & Pricing Analysis

We specialize in high-cost technology, next generation systems, and avionics systems. Our cost and pricing analysts average 17 years of experience in their field. In just the first four months of supporting the Federal Aviation Administration, our cost and pricing analysts saved tens of millions of dollars by identifying unreasonable pricing and providing the FAA with supported bargaining power.

CASCADE Source Selection Tool

Our CASCADE tool provides a collaborative and sleek method for simultaneous proposal evaluation. It allows complete customization in a user-friendly way, weighting comments, automatically producing debriefing slides, providing workflow monitoring, and user controls.

Contract Opportunity System (used by Army PEO STRI)

An acquisitions workflow engine and dashboard to manage multiple contracts or complex IDIQs. Allows assembly of acquisition artifacts, communication with vendors, verification and receipts so you know who has seen what, and an easy-to-navigate dashboard for quick status checks.