Acquisition Forecast System

Acquisition professionals are some of the hardest working personnel in government

Facing seemingly impossible deadlines with limited resources, acquisitions superheroes work tirelessly to keep potential mission failures at bay.

BVTI recognizes the importance of your daily sacrifices. Our Acquisition Forecast System is designed to multiply your critical efforts by automating and streamlining common acquisition planning and collaboration tasks, so acquisition plans and forecasts get done, results get published, small businesses get the information they need to compete, and you can focus on delivering higher-value work for your organization.

Built on our ValuPath platform, our award-winning Acquisition Forecast System has been successfully deployed at 22 Federal agencies, and is regularly recognized by industry as one of the best forecast systems in the federal government.

Key Acquisition Forecast System Features

Automate Acquisition Planning and Approvals

  • Seamless Tools Automate, Facilitate, and Control planning and forecast workflows from start to finish
  • Intuitive Productivity Portals streamline common tasks and visualize opportunity status and timelines, keeping bottlenecks to a minimum
  • Single-Sign-On integrates with agency security for easy, secure login

Flexible Modules Fit Your Workflow and Systems

  • Your Process – Workflows map to agency processes, policies, and business rules
  • Your Organization – Customizable user and organizational models accommodate complex enterprise organizational planning structures
  • Your Systems – Integrates seamlessly with legacy acquisition management and financial systems, providing best-in-class functionality without major systems re-investment
  • Your Data – Open integration data platform facilitates data accessibility, supporting agency reporting, visualization and mining.  

Removing Barriers to Small and Disadvantaged Business

  • Award Winning Industry Portal – BVTI’s public industry forecast portal has been regularly recognized by the Professional Service Council as one of the top forecast systems in Federal government*
  • Small Business Friendly, Large Business Capable – our interface transforms the complicated business of opportunity research into a simple, intuitive user-centered experience – approachable for new entrants, but with robust features demanded by corporate enterprise


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