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How BVTI's employees are the solution their customers need
A company's strength is made up of the collective whole of its employees' skills and talents. The passion and integrity of your employees alone has the power to spark long-lasting positive word of mouth about your company and satisfy the needs of customers.

 “We are a professional service company, so our employees are the solution for our customers,” says Scott Deibler, Vice President of Human Resources and Security at BVTI. “Our employees work hard to go above and beyond in order to provide the best value service.”

As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business, BVTI is a supporter of hiring military veterans. Often, individuals with armed forces experience are trained to work as a team and have an engrained sense of duty to accomplish the mission and develop new solutions.

“At BVTI, our mindset is to support our veterans. Our work supports our war fighters,” says Deibler. “We look for opportunities to help them transition from working in the military to coming into the civilian workforce. When you hire a veteran, you get someone who knows discipline already. It is a great thing for us.”

BVTI's employees are focused on continually improving their services by learning new industry skills and practices through ongoing training. The company utilizes training to consistently innovate and enhance its contracts and products. With their forward-looking perspective, they find success by setting annual career goals and objectives both individually and in the company as a whole.

“I think part of innovation involves determining what you want to do,” says Scott McCrae, Vice President of Operations. “Where does your career want to go? How can you get there? How can we help you get there? We support this philosophy from the top down.”

Success is all about project management. BVTI's employees' carefully plan and track all project progress and ensure the right tools are in place using industry best practices. BVTI engages with its clients in order to understand all of their tiered priorities and goals.

“We have a standard program management report which covers five key areas that we report back to the government with every month,” says McCrae. “On a one page snapshot, they can understand how the project is progressing and we can address any problems or concerns.”

BVTI's employees are the foundation of Best Value Technology, Inc. Their willingness to work as team members and put “all hands on deck” when needed has helped to make BVTI one of the fastest growing private companies in America for four consecutive years.

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