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How BVTI motivates its employees through its company culture

Happiness fuels success. When employees feel connected to the community, their workplace, company leadership, and to their jobs, they perform better. Leaders and companies have the power to cultivate a positive work environment and promote a happy and engaged workforce. Here are six ways BVTI fosters employee happiness and drives success.

Promote company values of honesty and integrity

Core values define a company’s culture. A business that values honesty and integrity not only attracts clients, but can also draw in the right employees for the job. Every workforce employee matters and should be treated as an individual. Only then can they perform their best and deliver excellence, which in turn benefits the customer.

“We have some customers who have actually pulled us aside and told us that they appreciate the way we take care of our employees,” says Scott Deibler, Vice President of Resources and Security. “Through the way we treat our employees, they gain more knowledge, skills, and become more valuable to our customers.”

Make the work meaningful

When the purpose of the job is to fulfill a need and help others, it naturally motivates workers to go above and beyond. Employees are propelled by the idea that they are making a difference and work harder when their work is naturally rewarding. As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), BVTI creates high-powered solutions that protect our country’s homeland security and defense.

“Many of our employees are motivated by the type of work we do since we are a federal contractor,” says Scott Deibler. “A lot of what we do is helping support important missions of our federal government clients. When we do our job well, we end up making a difference in the security and safety in America.”

Integrate a health and wellness program

Healthy living plays a crucial role in increasing productivity and job satisfaction in the workplace. Through healthy diet and regular exercise, individuals are able to better handle stress, get more sleep, and stay focused during the workday. Companies should invest in a health and wellness program in order to keep their workforce healthy and happy.

“We’re really health conscious in the company,” says President Dan Zimmerman. “We try to promote a healthy lifestyle for people because we realize that when someone is healthier, they are happier.”

Participate in charity events for multiple causes

Charity work is a reflection of a company’s heart and desire to give back to the community. It helps raise awareness and support for important issues and causes, while also providing an opportunity for employees to come together outside of work as a whole. When employees are passionate about a cause, it can inspire other coworkers and family members to take action and participate in charity events. BVTI president, Dan Zimmerman, feels very strongly about giving back to the local community, as well as veterans. The company supports the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP), a nonprofit and veterans’ service organization that aims to raise awareness, draw support, and provide services for injured service members.

“Last year, we paid the entry fees for the Sprout run (benefiting WWP) for all of our employees and their family members,” says Deibler. “It helps the Sprout organization by having more registrations and raise more money. It also gave us the opportunity to have our BVTI family come together as a whole outside of work.”

As the company president, engage with your people

Employees perform better when they feel recognized and appreciated by the leadership within the company. A president that reaches out individually to each employee brings a personal touch and significance to the workplace. Employees feel like they matter. BVTI President, Dan Zimmerman, gets to know his employees on a personal level and takes the time to acknowledge their work and accomplishments throughout the year. BVTI’s small company culture differentiates itself from its competitors in the industry.

“To some extent, I forget sometimes the impact of the company’s president personally engaging in somebody’s life,” says Scott McCrae, Vice President of Operations. “Every anniversary, he sends a note to every employee recognizing the key things each employee has accomplished.”

Invest in your employees

Investing in your employees and providing opportunities for professional career growth is an important avenue of giving back. By investing in your employees, they will want to stay with you longer, be happier, and be able to serve your customers better. Investing in your employees will pay off in the long haul. BVTI knows its employees won’t spend their entire working lives with their company – But they can still create a family bond and build up their employees.

“When they leave BVTI, we want them to be able to look back and still feel part of the BVTI family and feel like investments were made in their lives,” says Vice President of Business Development, Cheryl Warner. “There’s recognition of giving back to the community, but also recognition of how important it is to give back to the employees.”

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