U.S. Army MEDCOM—Acquisition Records Management

U.S. Army Medical Command, Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP) research acquisition activity:

BVTI supplied U.S.Army Medical Command with document management and archival services as it modernized warehouses full of sensitive paper records and transformed them into electronic format, disseminated according to appropriate controls. BVTI provided planning support and assisted in development and implementation of an archival schedule within electronic systems.

BEST VALUE applied the Agency's Records Distribution and General Records Schedule to the electronic archival system, performed a records analysis within the system to determine information needs, record type and record retention, and distinguished between federal records and nonrecord materials. BEST VALUE successfully archived 4,100 records, with each record averaging 2 inches in thickness, totaling 1.2 million pages or over 650 feet if stacked. Our solution applied sorting standards provided by CDMRP and implemented strict quality control methods to ensure each record's end placement was correct.

Results: BVTI was commended for completing the project well ahead of schedule and within budget. An Army representative stated it was the smoothest effort they'd seen performed by a contractor in their 10 years at Ft Detrick.