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5 ways improve skill, knowledge and experience
Experience – It's a desired and sought-after quality for both employees and businesses. The funny thing about experience is that it can't be bought or taught. It has to be earned by being on the front lines. Here are five ways BVTI cultivates encourages and cultivates experience in its employees.

1. Provide your employees with training opportunities

Investing in your employees is an investment in your company. Providing ongoing training and certification opportunities for your workforce helps employees to grow in their careers and reach their potential. BVTI offers training in several different areas, including program management, computer programs, and security policies and emphasizes a different area each month.

“As leaders, we do a lot of reading, studying, and talking to other contractors and government people to find out what's going on and to identify their hurt spot,” says BVTI President, Dan Zimmerman. “But really, the tentacles that go out there is each and every one of our employees. We encourage them to stay current in their individual areas. I can't stay current on cost and price analysis, IT work, and program management alone. We rely heavily on our people.”

2. Diversify your services and grow your workforce

Growth in business isn't possible without change. In order to grow your client-base, it's important to expand your services into related areas and offer integrated solutions. As a company grows, it is able to support a diversity of services and can hire new employees with the skills necessary to develop them. Over the years, BVTI's workforce and services have evolved based on the needs of clients.

“Our workforce has changed,” says Scott Deibler, Vice President of Human Resources and Security. “It is more diverse in the sense of age and what our employees are doing. We started as a tech company and all of our employees were focused in technology. Now we do program management and customer service.”

3. Hire the best and brightest talent you can find

No matter how big your company gets, never compromise in your hiring standards. A great team truly makes a difference in your business and can transform your products and services. Employees must be willing to work with clients and listen attentively to their mission and goals in order to provide the best value service. BVTI listens to its client's needs and then educates, trains, and develops its personnel to meet those goals.

“Our focus has really been to try and hire the best and brightest talent we can find,” says Scott McCrae, Vice President of Operations. “Part of that expertise comes from the people we have working for us. I think as a company our expertise is based around the individuals, and that is a real asset to the people.”

4. Lower client costs through innovation

Cost matters. In order to lower costs for the customer, the operations of the company must be innovated and revolutionized. But there's a catch – The best innovation doesn't sacrifice quality; it improves it. With their vast experience in the intelligence community, BVTI's team of experts knows how to lower costs by increasing the quality of personnel. They can lift more weight, accomplish more, and utilize time better. BVTI ensures that taxpayer's money is spent wisely.

“We work against traditional staffing models to save money as taxpayers,” says McCrae. “As taxpayers, we don't just want to sit around – We are not just butts in seats. We want our staff to be challenged and to provide value to the government.”

5. Deliver consistent, top-quality service

It's not enough to simply have the right field knowledge and experience. You need to deliver top-quality services on a consistent, daily basis with that knowledge and understanding in order to attract clients and businesses. Reputation and past performance are crucial in determining the quality of a company's future work. Often, success from one project can lead to new contracts and other projects. Despite all the changes in the world of business, word of mouth remains as a prominent source in identifying the most qualified vendors. BVTI ensures that their reputation reflects their company culture of honesty, integrity, and best value. The company hires the best and brightest talent they can find, which has lead to companies vying for their services because of a particular worker's positive reputation.

“A government client may want Best Value Technology, Inc. for a job because they have seen our people working on other job projects,” says Deibler. “Success in one contract can lead to success in other places. Sometimes, it is just the individual they want.”

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