5 Reasons Why Integrity Always Wins Business

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How BVTI makes strides in the industry with a philosophy based on strong moral principles.

Best Value Technology, tadalafil Inc. doesn't just value integrity and honesty; these principles make up the core of the company. There is serious care taken in ensuring that the services it provides are delivered in a way that reflects quality – at every level of their company.


Integrity with the customer

As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business, buy BVTI provides information technology and program management services to the United States Federal Government. They create tailored solutions to fit the government's needs, viagra and work to exceed requirements in order to bring added value to federal agencies – An aspect which makes BVTI stand out in comparison to other companies in the industry.



1. Integrity in finding the best fit

BVTI is very conscious about being the best fit for clients, even if it means not taking the business

“We always want to win business, we always want to grow,” says Scott McCrae, Vice President of Operations at Best Value Technology, Inc. “But I think we have a very good attitude if for some reason we are not selected as the firm. We believe there's a good reason for that and maybe it wasn't a good fit.”

2. Integrity in working efficiently

Finding ways to increase efficiency within the company is a critical priority of BVTI. They actively seek to challenge their staff and provide value to the government by working against traditional models of staffing.

3. Integrity with their employees

BVTI's commitment to integrity doesn't stop at just their clients. It extends to include all employees, partnerships, and subcontractors.

President and CEO of Best Value Technology, Inc., Dan Zimmerman, strives to promote work-life balance within the company. If an employee is facing a difficult event in their life, the company pulls together as a team to help.

“If there is an illness, an issue, or anything, family comes first. We will pick up the slack – the rest of us,” says McCrae. “Anybody will set up and do whatever to help anybody. I think we encourage that, and people see that.”

4. Integrity as part of the internal culture

Best Value Technology, Inc. was built upon a foundation of honesty and it is a large part of the company culture. Every part of the company from top to bottom – the leadership, policies, and employees – performs their best to build a respectable reputation.


“At the end of the day the company is built on the backs of all the individual employees. If an employee is not performing the best that they have for that customer, it hurts the entire reputation of the company, ” says Cheryl Warner, Vice President of Business Development at BVTI. “We can never allow that reputation to be soiled or tarnished by less than quality work – Less than integrity.”


BVTI's President believes in the same type of integrity.


“We want to do a great job when nobody is looking,” says Dan Zimmerman. “When nobody is around, we want the government and our partners to know that we are going to treat them right and we are going to do the right thing. That's a big reason why people like working with us.”

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